"Thought you wanted to be left out of it?" Roy asks, half amused and half genuinely surprised as he finds himself being ushered into what he’s pretty sure is an abandoned apartment.  

He vaguely recalls the trip there, Croc carrying him the entire way, the stairs they took to get into the building, the stairs they took to get to the apartment in the building and all the dizziness and then sickness the stairs caused.  Luckily, Croc moved him before he could upchuck all down his back.  Funny as it could have been, Roy is kind of happy it hadn’t gone down that way because he almost sort of appreciated Croc not being willing to kill him.

"Leave me out of you killing yourself.  I’m trying to help you, Harper," Croc grunts at him, but there’s no real aggression to his words even as he totes Roy right into the bedroom and drops him on the mattress like a sack of potatoes. 

Pain twinges up Roy’s body, crackling under still buzzing and bruising skin, but he merely flops onto his back to look up at his makeshift savior.  ”So, this is the Croc-cave?” Roy asks, nothing but splayed red hair and a busted smile.  

Croc figures the kid is still high on something and still hopped up on adrenaline, but he settles beside him, giving the younger male no other options as far as space but to curl half atop him.  The warmth on his chest is welcome and he helps himself to it, shifting the redhead to lay atop him in mass of bewilderment and lack of tension.

"Are you cuddling me?" Roy asks, but he’s too delighted at the fact he’s being used as a teddy bear for a murderous crocodile man.

"Shut it, Harper.  You need to sleep off whatever the hell you took earlier and I don’t have any blankets." Croc reasons gruffly as he settles a scaled arm across the lower back of his new roommate.

"I think you like me." Roy muses, but huddles closer all the same, the chill of the room and his own curiosity making him more than compliant.

"Don’t make me reconsider my stance on snapping you in two." Croc mutters and watches as Roy shifts again and curls up closer without another witty reply.